DecuSys, LLC is an inventive company that offers trucking software solutions that make it easier for truckers to do their job better. We provide a comprehensive base software package, as well as packages that are completely customizable to each independent business. We, at DecuSys understand that no two businesses are completely alike or are managed in the same manner. Our software can be completely tailored to meet your companies specific business needs. We work with the individual client and get to know there business process. Understanding the business process allows DecuSys to provide our clients the best customer service available and enables us to design a software application that will be streamlined, quick to navigate, extremely easy to use and free of all erroneous information and reports. With up-to-date technology and top-notch product support, consulting, implementation, and technical services assuring our clients that their needs come first.

This comprehensive software features a wide range of functions that can help you simplify your record keeping, including:

  • Easy Access to all Records
  • Fast maneuverability throughout Software
  • Tracking loads
  • Managing customers
  • Employee Payroll Module
  • Invoice Creation and Tracking
  • Entering expenses
  • Maintenance Logs and reports
  • Income and expense reports
  • Customizable Reports
  • Plus much more!

Whether you’re interested in our Base software or are interested in a Customizable Software package for your company, you’ll find "Truck-iT" simple and easy to use. Plus, we offer superior customer service and onsite training that will help you get the most out of your Custom Software System.